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Moonlight Lashes

Consultation Form Package

Consultation Form Package

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The one key to a successful lashing business is organisations! 

These forms were created for you to take your business to the next level. Keeping your business professional + organised is super important, especially having consultation forms to safe guard your business. We have done the hard work by creating and setting out easy to read consultations forms that your clients can fill out, whether that be downloading it to your ipad for a digital copy or printing the sheets out. It super easy to duplicate the forms for each new client. 

We have even added a Client Recap page for lash technicians to fill out after every single appointment to keep records of your clients! It's hard as a lash technicians to remember every single thing that occurred in an appointment so having a page to write down notes is a life saver.


BONUS FEATURE: Business organisation pages to keep yourself accountable and organised throughout the week + month.

EXTRAS: If you would like the Consultation Form Package to be custom made to suit your business branding we have an option for that too.

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