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Moonlight Lashes



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Welcoming our Cosmic Adhesive!

We aren't lying when we tell you this adhesive has changed our lashing game! Our Cosmic adhesive comes in a 10ml bottle because we believe it is the best size bottle to work with and has the perfect consistency. This adhesive loves medium to high humidities and with the correct application can make your clients retention last for six weeks!

To get the most out of your adhesive it is important to keep it in a dark, dry and cool place. Storing it in an air tight container (like our storage containers) will ensure it has a controlled environment. The Butterfly adhesive will provide you with the best results if you take care of her!



♡ Humidity : 45%-70% (best 55%-65%)

♡ Temp : 18-24c (do not keep unopened or opened bottles below 10c and above 26c)

♡ 1-2 second drying time

♡ Store away in air tight container (Can add rice to storage container to keep a controlled temp)

♡ Shake / use Vortex shaker for 3-5 minutes every morning and 1-2 minutes before every drop. Do not shake up and down!

♡ After every drop is dispensed you need to return the bottle in an upward position and burp the adhesive bottle. Remember to wipe excess adhesive with an adhesive wipe. 

♡ Ensure lid is correctly screwed on and placed back in air tight container after every use.

♡ Shelf life opened 4-5 weeks (once drops are dispensed) 

♡ Shelf life unopened 5-6 months from production date (must be kept in correct climate air tight container in packet or in fridge: temps 15-24c)

♡ Before use ensure lashes are clean and primed as the adhesive will NOT bond to dirty lashes and if incorrect placement is given.

♡ Colour : Black

♡ Consistency : Thin

♡ Volume : 10ml 

♡ Low fumes

♡ Avoid contact with eyes and skin

♡ Professional USE ONLY


INGREDIENTS: Ethyl Cyanocrylate, PMMA, Hydroquinone and Carbon Black

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