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Moonlight Lashes



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Say hello to better and longer lasting retention with our NEW Super Bonder!

The Dreamy Liquid was formulated to create a better bond between your clients extensions and natural lashes. Super Bonder will increase the elasticity of the adhesive, allowing your premade fans more flexibility and increases clients retention by 30%. 


★ Once your set is completed, wait 2-3 minutes before applying a droplet of our Dreamy Liquid to a microbrush and carefully apply the bonder to the glue zone of your clients lashes.

★ Once applied fan your clients eyes before removing eye pads / having your client open. 

★ Would recommend using when your humidity is on the higher side (50-70%) for optimal  performance. 


★ Cures adhesive within 3 minutes

★ Increase retention by 30% 

★ Bonds extension to natural lashes

★ 30ml bottle, lasting for 100+ clients   

★ Reduces adhesive fumes 

★ Perfect for sensitive eyes / no scent

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